Melissa Gallagher

How I Got Here

I am 17 and I created this lipgloss business to provide my family with extra income. My dad has had a bad back for years and new breathing difficulties. He works nights in the boiler rooms of the hospital and this business was created to provide him with extra money so that he does not need to work extra overtime. My dad is fully able to stabilize our family without me working and this business. I simply started this business because I want to be a help in some way. All of the money that is made through this business will be used to buy more supplies, go to my family, and go towards my college tuition. To make it clear, we do not need this money so please do not buy my products out of pity. I want people to buy my products because they are of good quality. I am doing my best to provide good quality products for my supporters. Thank you all so much for your support and love!